Monday, June 7, 2010

My Weight Journey

I realized a couple of days ago that I never posted in details or pictures why I'm on this weight journey. To sum it all up I was a active person and eat whatever I wanted and then when I stopped being active and thought I would never gain any weight. BAM I'm Overweight! When I saw a picture of Me, I started crying because I couldn't believe how I allow myself to get here and so fast. I didn't take me long to gain all this weight and I think that what hurts the most. But I'm on a new path and trying my best to get to a weight that is going to make me Happy and Healthy.

Here's a little Background

At 20 I was 125

At 21 I was 145

At 23 I was 206, I've hit rock bottom in this picture ;(

Me now at 179ish round up 182 on a bad day LOL

So there You Go Ladies..updates next!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Braids-The Do's and Don't

Braids are a fun hairstyles its a way to be creative, and standout from the rest ;)
Its also a Great way to help your hair grow also known as a Braid out. Braids are a Great option for  Protective Styles. Proctective Styles is a way for  someone to stretch out their relaxer so that they can allow their new growth to come in. I love wearing braids because I can go beyond the normal 3-6 weeks and go up to 12 or 30 weeks. Here are some Tips for anyone wanting to wear braids or already have them in.

Wash Your Hair
Just because you have braids does not mean your hair doesn't need cleaning. Your hair and scalp are collecting dirt like it would if you weren't wearing braids. I still exercise so I have to wash my hair at least one or twice a week because of the sweat.
*Tip* To make washing your hair easier try using a spray bottle mix with water and your shampoo and massage your scalp, you can even use a washcloth if your like me you have to see the dirt coming off!

Moisturize Your Your Hair(Scalp)
Here's the bottom line you have to moisturize your scalp their is no reason why your hair should be dry. We all have seen females pounding on their heads because its sooooo itchy!!. WAKE UP its DRY HomeGirl
its important to keep your hair moisturize because its helping with growth and preventing flakes. There's several products in Walmart, Sally's and your local hair store that specialize for keeping hair moisturize. USE IT

Wrap your Hair. At night because this will help your braids last longer and look neat
Don't sleep with hairbands or rubberbands. this will cause breakage and baldness..And we don't want that
Be Creative. wear different styles try adding Pretty Clips or Flowers you don't want the same old hairstyles
try fishbones within the braids.KEEP IT FRESH
Make sure to get Touchups. if a braid(s) come out its OK its bound to happen specially after shampooing your hair. So schedule a touch-up depending on how long your going to wear your braids.