I was going to delete my past post below but decided to keep it and just give Yall an update. As of June 2013 I am currently 160lbs!! No more being obesity finally in a health range. I have to admit it has been HARD and some of the weight I lots was because of stress but the majority was busting my butt in the gym and eating right. I still haven't reach my goal of 150lbs but I'm close. I will post pictures below, now I super excited about my progress BUT I still have a Huge Problem called the MUFFIN TOP. Yeah home girl is making me put in the work. I am confident that I will lose it I just don't want to keep losing my breast and the little bit of ass I do have lol. I will post about my workouts and foodies.

See ya

Mar 2013-June 2013

Aug 2012-Dec 2013
After 2 years of feeling down about myself aka FAT, I decided to get back in shape. After a couple of months of trying to lose weight, I just couldn't get it to come off. So I went on diet pills. Which help me alot, but I soon realize that I didn't want to depend on pills to help me. And plus I wasn't losing alot of weight anyway. After researching I decided to join Weight Watchers, it was the BEST decision.

I was nervous about going to a meeting and talking about being FAT. What I didn't realize was that we were going to discuss how we've gotten to where we were and how to take steps in becoming healthier. I realize that once I stopped focusing on losing weight and instead getting healthier, I was going to benefit from this program. Once I did I was dropping pounds every week, not to forget I was working out everyday and enjoying it.


I've lost 20lbs so far, I still have alot to lose
but I'm on the right path....
Couple weeks after doing a 5k for Weight Watchers!!
I am not a professional just stating how I've lost weight...
after losing 10 more lbs.

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