Here's a small back story of My Life...

I recently just ended a 6 year marriage. Yeah I could go into detail but its the typically divorce story. I'm much than a divorcee with no kids. My life for awhile was consumed with others that I lost myself in the process. However I was able to see that I am much more than a stay at home wife with the dreams of becoming a freelance makeup artist.

2012 I finally decided  to purse my dreams of being a freelance makeup artist. Its been fun, exciting, and a huge learning experience. I have so much to learn but nothing will stand in my way when pursing my dreams. Specially when I have GOD by my side. I recently relocated nothing starts a new beginning than a different space. It hasn't been the easiest start, but I have Faith that good things will come in due time! This is just a Diary of a Sweet Sassy Southern Gal who loves Hair, Makeup, Fashion, Drinks, and everything under the Sun.