Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Peacock Earrings

Late last night I decided to make some feather earrings. I think they came out Good. I need some more practice but I will be making more for sure.
What you will need

Feathers, Pliers, Wire, and Findings. 
I found all of these at Micheal's 

I'm going to TRY and explain how I made them
Step 1-First decided how long you want the earrings, I wanted them long

Step 2- then pluck the feathers off

Step 3- Taking style (24 Gauge) wire and start wrapping the wire around the stem of the feather 

 Continue... wrapping the wire, it took some time to get the hang of wrapping the wire

 Step 5- Once you reach the top of the steam stop 

Step 6 & Step 7- Add the fish hook aka finding 

At this point with the extra wire you want to twist the wire going back down like you did in the beginning.

Step 8- Taking your pliers, bend the wire close so that you don't have any extra wire poking out
and your done. It shouldn't take too long it depends on the person, but it is simple to make.