Monday, August 29, 2011


I just had a breakdown after getting off the scale. I've been trying my hardest to get back to being healthy but I've been SO freaking busy! I think I'm more upset with myself because I have the resource but I haven't been using them. In the last couple of weeks my weight has been on my mind more and more. Which is causing me to lose confident in myself and have this ill feeling about myself. And I really need to nip this in the butt before it becomes a Huge problem. I've been writing down a few things to get back on the right track

  1. Go back to using Weight Watchers, I've used this program in the past with Great Results but since we moved to another state I had to leave the program. I did try going back to weight watchers online but I like and enjoy going to the meeting because it was so helpful and the staff are so freaking supportive.
  2. Switch up my workout plan, Tonio brought Insanity a few months ago and we did start it but we got so busy that we couldn't find the time. I also plan on meeting up with a friend she a Beach Body Coach/Member. Hopefully she can help me out (support) I want to still include fun workouts like Zumba but I know I have to really push myself because I know I've hit my wall and its been hard breaking through it.  
  3. Set a Real Weightloss Goal, I have 30lbs to lose (ideal) so I have to come up with a healthy and smart amount to lose. Each week or month
  4. Reward myself when I've achieve my goal  big or small), I think this will push me to keep working at my Ideal weight goal.
I have several more but this would be a long list lol just a few off my head. If you have any tips or suggest PLEASE leave a comment. I might go into more details about each step I plan to use (:

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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Take On-Neutrogena Pore Toner

I wanted to do a Review on Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner. I've been using this for several months, One of the Best product toner!!

Product Description"Visibly reduces the appearance of pores and refines skin to be clear, smooth, and more even toned. Has Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula. Sweeps away dead surface skin and smoothes over rough, uneven patches. Penetrates deep into pores to visibly reduces their appearance for clearer-looking skin. Skin is left soft, smooth, and refreshed. 

My Take On this Toner:
It says that it reduces the appearance of pores it didn't reduces the apperance for me and I have huge pores. Which I didn't think that it would so I wasn't disappointed. 

Clear, smooth, and even toned skin, it does leave my face super smooth and soft. It doesn't feel dry but you still need to moisturizer your face after using the toner. Its a little drying.
My dark spots on my face are getting lighter I won't say go get this to lighten your spots but it does help.

Sweeps away dead surface skin?? YES it does!! I have dry skin and I have alot of flakes because of it. This product really gets rid of the dead skin hands down. and to show you I'm not lying I took a picture! This is 
After cleaning and using a face scrub
My face does seem more refresh but I only notice it once I've moisturize my face. so it could be the toner not sure. 

I have to say I give the product 5/5

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Know I'm Late...

But I wanted to post My July Birchbox. This Box was special because Designer Cynthia Rowley! I know I wont be using some of the items.

 Redken Shine Flash
 I won't be using this so I will give this to one of my friends

 Purity Facial Cleanser. I actually been wanting to try this out for awhile but didnt want to waste the money if I did buy and didnt like it. I will be using

Joya Perfume
 It has a nice scent to it, not sure If I will using this

YBF Beauty
 Eye Brow Pencil you can never have too many 

It also came with Nuxe Dry Oil and a Almond Apricot treat

August BirchBox

June Jacob Purifying Masque

The Cool Fix that treats ingrown hiar, razor bumps and etc

 Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel 

Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I really cant wait to use the Foundation Primer and Heat and Humidity Gel because as to know natural hair can get really frizz. I will do a review on those!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Hate My Nails...

I think I say this every single day how much I hate my nails because I DO!! They wont grow or when they do they break off. I take my vitamins, drink water, wearing gloves but still no nails. When I got gel nails couple weeks ago my nails grow very long and I would apply OPI Envy to the nails and they still broke off ):

I decided to try something new I went to Sally's the other day and picked up 2 nail products
I picked up IBD Reconstrux 
Product Description "Rebuild and Renew Nail Growth in 30 days, enhance nail growth, strengthen weak nails and renew damaged nails".
Instructions-apply on nail and cuticle area repeat twice a day in the morning and night

Growth Spurt
Product Description "Promotes Stronger, Longer, and Healthier Nails

Before applying them I prep the nail first
Products Used 

Nails Before

Nail File & Shaped

Once I finish filing my nail and shaping them I apply the Reconstrux to each nail once that dried I apply the Growth Spurt. After that was dried I massage the cuticle oil form Deja Vu to my nail and cuticle.

 I hope this can somewhat help my nails I will do a 1 month check up with you guys (: