Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helpful Weightloss Tool...Magic Bullet

I've been trying to get back on this weight loss journey for the last couple of weeks, and since its harder to lose this last 30lbs I decided to change up some of my eating habits and add new things. My husband likes to drink protein shakes and I thought I would give it try. However with my 5 month old nephew and other activties I'm in I have to be able to make a quick shake and go. We already have a blender but it takes too long to set everything up so I went a got and a Magic Bullet. Its small and if we need to go out town we can take this with us. Anyway I wanted to show you  guys my first smoothie I made. 

What I used
 Strawberry, Banana, and Yogurt( I didn't use the oreo that it came with)
also added some my A.C.E Pills
 Now Blend
Here is the finish product
It was pretty good I think next time I might add 1% milk instead of the yogurt.