Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's going on with the weight loss

I've lost a total of 5lbs in two weeks and nothing has changed for week three, which is ok for me because I've been feeling Great. Most of my jeans are too big YAY!!! I think I need to up my workout plan..mmm
Right now my workout are twice a week but if I want to reach my goal I need to make changes.

Workout Plan-Now
Monday & Wednesday-Zumba for an Hour...loving my TEACHER!!
Workout Plan-Next Week
  • Monday &Wednesday-Zumba
  • Tuesday & Thursday-Cardio and Walking
  • Friday-Off Day
  • Saturday- hour workout with different plans
  • Sunday-Off
I was talking with my Best Friend Vicky and she suppose to send me a copy of the PX90
and we discuss me drinking protein shakes which I never thought about doing but sounds like a plan.
I LOVE having Supportive Friends and Family
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NV Beauty said...

P90X is extreme!! You will either love it or hate it! My husband has it and did it for a while. My sister in law went through the whole thing and got amazing results. You just have to be super commited and it seems like it works great. I tried it for a while but I couldn't hang!! Good luck!!