Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review-Herbal Essences

 Herbal Essences- Hello Hydration
I've heard great reviews about this Shampoo, so I had to try this out!!
 This a 2 in 1 Moisturizing shampoo + Conditioner
The description on the back is super cute, but it pretty much says that this products moisturizes and leaves the hair feeling clean. It also contains orchid and coconut milk ;)

 This is my first time using Herbal Essences product
I have to say that I love this shampoo.
Once I open the bottle I'm hit with the smell, and let me tell you  Girls
it smells GREAT!!!!!
It has a cotton candy smell, but its not overwhelming.
The product is thick, which I like because its easy to work with and its not runny.
You really don't have to use a lot of product to get a good lather.

I really do feel my hair getting a deep clean
 specially because my hair is short.

Once I rinse out the shampoo, my hair doesn't feel heavy and its really really soft.
 I can honestly say this is great shampoo, I wish I didn't wait until I went natural to use this stuff!!

Grade A+

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Miss Carmel said...

i heard about this shampoo but after reading your review, im defo buying it 2moro! :)

Ronesha said...

You should its great ;)

Dee O. said...

I LOVE THE HELLO HYRATION CONDITIONER!!! Lol, it leaves my hair feeling so moisturized :)

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