Monday, January 24, 2011

Weight Update

The last 2 weeks has been a hit and miss, because I've been trying to find exercises that will help me burn more fat. In my last update I mention the fact that I was losing inches, but the number on the scale wasn't going down. Last week I ended up losing 1lb (: but found out that my body fat is 50% ):
When I heard my body fat was 50% of course I was bummed. When we do our weigh-ins we have to keep our shoes on which in my case adds 2lbs to my actually weight. When I weigh myself at home I'm 173-174 (no shoe) and at the weigh-in I'm 175-176 (wit shoe). Now to some that may not be a huge different but for me it is. I'm trying not to let the number on the scale get to me, but it is. Last Saturday I went to a Cardio Kick class and it kicked my ass butt. I was sore for days but I had to keep pushing plus I couldn't have done it without my Girls Bridgette, Erin, and Devin. This week we got an extra Zumba Class!!! I had a great time booty poppin with the girls you could feel the energy in the room, which surprise me because it was a 9am class on a Saturday morning.

Anywho I'm starting to realize trying to reach 160lbs is not going to be as easy as I thought

Wish Me Luck, I need it!!