Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

I know some people don't know what Tea Tree Oil is but there are a lot of benefits to this Oil.Tea Tree is a pale yellow color to nearly clear a natural oil  used for both medical and cosmetics reasons.Tea  Tree oil can be used to help deal with  medical issues like fungus, bacteria, or virus infections. It does help with bad breath, plaque, sore throat. I started using Tea Tree oil because my nose piercing wasn't healing the right way and was causing a small bump to appear on my nose. After a few weeks the bump was gone.

Now after going natural I notice everyone was talking about how they used tea tree oil in their hair so I started adding it to my hair moisture spray and believe me when I say its really does make my hair feel soft and fresh. So I picked up some Giovanni hair shampoo and conditioner with Tea Tree Oil, I will do a review on that later. 

After having good results with my hair, I started using it on my acne. It helps kill the bacteria and dry out the pimple and by morning its pretty much gone. I really like this stuff I'm pretty much out of this oil so I will be hitting my GNC up soon. You should always ask a doctor before using anything new specially this because some people can be allergic to this oil. Before I use this on my skin I dilute it with water because its very strong.
Question- Have you used Tea Tree Oil? and if so How?