Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out wit the Old...

Hey Yall, it seems like I haven't made post in two weeks. Its been a very busy week. I started my new workout plan this week and it kicked my butt! Me and five other wives decided to take up a weightloss challenge at base, sortof like the Biggest Loser (: Our group name is Desperate Airman's Wives!! We had to go weigh in and the only thing I didn't like was we had to weigh in with our shoes on!?! which added to 2lbs. Yall know I wasn't to happy bout that. Just means I have to work harder to lose the weight. After my workout on Tuesday my feet were killing me so I finally got a new pair of workout shoes. I wish I had gotten them sooner because the back of my right heels has a boo boo /: However its not going to stop me from working out.

Old Shoes you will be missed
The New Kicks are really cute plus it feels great on my feet. I actually broke them in by walking/jogging for a hour and a half.