Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dang I'm SORE

I went back to working out hardcore this week and I'm already SORE!! but its all good because I know its going to pay off in the end. I finally got a workout plan down to keep me going. One of my workouts is going to the gym on monday, wednesday, and friday with Hubs since he has to go after he gets off. The plan is for me to work on weights and run. Yes, I said RUN!! I'm slowing getting into running. Believe me I'm nervous about the whole thing because a few years ago I was hit by a car and my left knee was messed up so too much pressure makes it uncomfortable. However, I know if I push myself I can do it. I also went to a new workout class on base called 4-3-2-1 its basically a 4min cardio/3min strength/2 min core work/1min stretch and Repeat. I loved it she really worked us. I will be going back. I also wanted to post a few pictures of what I eat on Monday.

 Before I forgot has anyone seen Special K commericals?? Lose 6lbs in 2weeks. Well I decided to buy the cereal and one of their snacks to see how it actually works. I will do post tomorrow.

 A Ham and Cheese Bagel

Oatmeal with Banana