Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natural Showcase-Cheneri

How long have you been Natural or Transitioning?
I had my last perm in August 2009, transitioned to July 1st 2010 when I cut the rest of my hair off. So I have been natural thus far for 9 months

What made you go Natural?
I went natural because it was just something I wanted to try at first. I wanted the little curl hair cut. But after researching about it I came to the realization that it was more healthier for me.

Is (were) there any challenges to being natural?
I don't believe I had/have any bad challenges. When you become natural it's a learning process/journey, so everything that comes as a challenge to some is just apart of the process in becoming a better Naturalista to me.

Are you a product junkie?
YES! YEs! Yes! I am a PJ. I will not hide it or deny it. I don't look at it as a bad thing because it's my hair and I want the best for my hair for it to stay healthy. So, if buying and trying out different products after products help me to do that, then by all mines show me the products. LOL!!

How do you feel about wigs and weaves?
I don't have a problem with wigs or weaves. I don't wear them now since I BC'd but before I started transitioning and while transitioning they were one of my best friends so to speak. It helps in the journey with transitioning and also when you want a protective style or even a break from all your beautiful curls.

How do you rock your hair?
My go to styles are:
Fro (of course)
The Puff
Twist/Twist Outs
Very Curly (with a styling gel or custard)

Have you had to do deal with *side eye* looks from other races?
I wouldn't say I had to deal with it because it's just a look, just keep my head up and rocked out my confidence. I mean a look can't hurt me! *Shrug*

How do you feel about Natural vs Relaxed Battle?

The!! I was just explaining to someone that I don't to much get into the battle because if people would really sit back and think about it, we have more naturals in the world than relaxed/permed. Most people don't put chemicals in their hair. Most men don't, most Cucasians don't, Asian, or any other race. If you look at it most Cucasians don't alter there hair to become straight/curly, they wear their hair as is. So with the Natural Hair Movement to me, it's not a Natural Hair Movement, it's just that us as African Americans are starting to come to the realization that we don't have to use chemicals to look beautiful but we can wear our hair just like we want to. Other races figured that out long ago.

If you could only give one advice to someone going natural what would it be?

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