Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natural Hair-My Tips/Advice for Transitioning

Here's my Top Tips/Advice for those Transitioning

You don't have to BC(Big Chop)
Cutting your relax hair is a Huge step into going natural. However you can trim your relaxed hair week by week or month by month. You don't have to do what others are doing. It All depends on what you want or comfortable with.

Try New Hair Styles
Twist outs
Roller sets
Hot Combs

Try New Products ( Link )
Its Ok to peep around the corner to see whats on the other side of the isle. When I told my friends and family what I use on my hair they would say "the white folks products" YES. Those products work just as well as black products. Sometimes BETTER!! Just because its not market for black people doesn't mean it doesn't work for our kinky/curly hair.

Try using Products that are Alcohol-Free

Moisturize/Style your hair using Oils ( Link )

Styling your hair while its wet or damp (Link )

Allow your hair to tell you what it needs
I allow my hair to go without styling or washing for a few days or week because the less I'm doing to it the more it grows.

Get to know your hair
no one knows your hair better than YOU!!

No 2 hair is alike
your hair is not going to look like the chick on TV or Magazine. Being hair envy is ok from time to time lol

Ask yourself is this what you want, going natural isn't a easy thing
There are times where you want to give up and that's ok. Sometimes hairstyles and products won't work. Patience and Practice is the best thing when dealing with your hair. Trying new things are not going to work all the time, plus do what works for you.

The first thing I did was research everything I used or did to my hair. Sometimes they didn't always help or work, but the more I knew the better and easier things got for me.

Natural Sunshine has helped me out the most!! Please check it out!!