Thursday, September 8, 2011

Workout Plan...Rough Draft

  1. Say No to Weight Watchers Sort of...I decided to use MyFitnessPal instead of paying for weight watchers when I can track for free! However I will use WW point system since I already know how it works. 
  2. Sign Up for Beachbody...I have a friend who is a beachbody coach and she going to help me and some friends stay motivate to workout and try new  workouts like Turbofire (:
  3. Walking...Me and My friends plan/have been walking everyday for the last 2 weeks or so. So far we walk 3miles everyday. The only thing that sucks is the weather, which can put a damper on things.
  4. Cutting out the Junk...I have to clean out my kitchen, which I have but there are few things that I haven't thrown out that I should but if i eat in small portion will be alright. No more fast food, lol I really love McDonalds so I decided to cut that out (wish me Luck) I still plan on going out to dinner but research the meals before going.
  5. Drink more...WATER! I get about 5 cups of water in but I would love to get my 8 cups a day. I decided to drink water every hour. So far so good 
  6. Come up with a Reward system... I think that having a reward system will help keep me motivated and excited to lose weight. For example shopping at VS I've only brought beauty products from them it would be nice to buy some cute and sexy stuff!
  7. Post more...picture about what I eat and workout to. I think that it would be fun and I liked doing post like this in the past
I think I will write separate post on The Reward System, Vision Board, and Workout Clothing (:
Would love Feedback!