Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fav Workout Dvds

30 Day Shred by Jullian Micheals its a 3-2-1 Interval System that has Strength, Cardio, and Abs. Its a 20min workout dvd. I haven't done this workout for 30 days straight mainly because I only burn about 200-230 calories. If I do use this I combine it with something else like my Dance Central games. 

Dance Central 1-3 for the Kinect I know this isn't a workout dvd but this is a fun and awesome game to burn calories. *If* you do this for a least an hour you could burn up to 400. (well I have) There is an option in each game that tells you how much calories you are burning.

Insanity & Turbofire by Beachbody These dvds are hardcore workouts. I can burn up to 500 or more calories with each dvd. My favorite right now out of the two is Insanity because its more gear to losing weight and that's what my focus is on. Now the turbofire would be more useful once I lose the weight and want to maintain the weight.  

 After doing Insanity!