Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hair Braiding Safe on Hair?

Hair braiding has become a huge thing in the natural hair community. While lets be honest hair braiding has be around for centuries!  Its an awesome way to protect your hair during the winter season, after a big chop, or you just those months you don't want to do your hair. There are several different method/styles that can be achieved. I'm going to give you tips to help protect your hair while wearing braids that will keep your hair healthy and strong. There is no braiding method that will make you hair grow faster.

Before getting braids make sure that your hair is healthy and strong. Braids are worn for months at a time and if you hair is not strong enough it will break off.

No matter what style you have DO NOT get your baby hair or edges braided or too tightly. It can cause breakage and may not grow back. I know from personal experiences but the help of Castor Oil it grew back.
 Don't Keep them in TOO long it can cause tangle, matted, and breakage. 3-6 some would say is too long to keep braids in. (I personal think as long as you keep up with your hair it should be fine) 2-3 is a safe amount of time. Make sure to get touch ups and give your hair plenty of rest in between styles.

Make sure to wash your hair,  one thing you can take Witch Hazel or Apple Cider Vinegar and a cotton ball damp throughout your hair. Specially after workout!

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