Friday, August 19, 2011

I Hate My Nails...

I think I say this every single day how much I hate my nails because I DO!! They wont grow or when they do they break off. I take my vitamins, drink water, wearing gloves but still no nails. When I got gel nails couple weeks ago my nails grow very long and I would apply OPI Envy to the nails and they still broke off ):

I decided to try something new I went to Sally's the other day and picked up 2 nail products
I picked up IBD Reconstrux 
Product Description "Rebuild and Renew Nail Growth in 30 days, enhance nail growth, strengthen weak nails and renew damaged nails".
Instructions-apply on nail and cuticle area repeat twice a day in the morning and night

Growth Spurt
Product Description "Promotes Stronger, Longer, and Healthier Nails

Before applying them I prep the nail first
Products Used 

Nails Before

Nail File & Shaped

Once I finish filing my nail and shaping them I apply the Reconstrux to each nail once that dried I apply the Growth Spurt. After that was dried I massage the cuticle oil form Deja Vu to my nail and cuticle.

 I hope this can somewhat help my nails I will do a 1 month check up with you guys (: